SIDERSA supplies high-quality steel goods and is a guarantee of progress and growth. Serving our customers, always

Our activities include flat rolled steel leveling and cutting to length, seam tubes and cold formed sections manufacturing, as well as selling other steel products. For more than half a century we have consolidated our position through a continuous pursuit of excellence, growth and improvement.

Latest generation equipment

Our industrial complex is one of the most highly-developed not only in Latin America, but also worldwide, with state-of-the-art technology to satisfy the highest demands.

Wide range of services

We sell our products in domestic and international markets, providing a broad range of services: deliveries scheduled “just-in-time”, technical advice on steel uses and grades, and more.

Our goals

Manufacturing high-quality products, being an efficient steel supplier and strengthening our operational capacity, while following our quality policies.




Our products

Steel Foils and Blanks

Steel Tubes

Steel strapping

Heavy Plates

Sheet metal for roofing and enclosure panels

Metal shapes

Angles, Plates and Bars

U, I, H and W Sections