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With more than half a century of experience, SIDERSA is now the national leader in iron and steel products and services
From one of the most modern industrial complexes in Latin America and the
world, we have consolidated our business path based on a relentless pursuit of excellence, channeling creativity as a guarantee of progress and growth, and offering our customers high-quality service.

The continued development of the company is reflected in the ongoing expansion of our industrial facilities.

The ability to foresee the challenges ahead allowed SIDERSA to become a pioneer in making game-changing decisions.

To strengthen our leadership position, it was necessary to go through a productive reengineering process. Our goal was to satisfy rising standards from our customers, who were also undergoing improvement of their industrial processes.

As a result, we decided to develop a new industrial complex with the following features:


Close to consumption centers to reduce transportation costs and to have quick and easy access to both national and international raw material.

Production capacity:

Flexible and in keeping with the country’s vision of growth and potential of expansion into the region and the world.


Cutting-edge machinery to develop high-quality products.

To meet optimum economic conditions, we decided to locate our facilities in San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, a thriving, industrialized city with adequate community resources, skilled workforce and good railway and road connections. Our industrial plant was finally located at kilometer 226 on Rosario-Buenos Aires highway, on a 37 ha site, with a covered area of 50,000 m2.

In addition, its efficient layout design and latest technology equipment have made it a benchmark plant in South America and one of the most highly-developed worldwide. This has translated into continuity, homogeneity, efficiency, increased productivity and “just-in-time” supply to both our own and third-party’s manufacturing processes.

Our entrepreneurial spirit, SIDERSA’s driving force, will certainly lead us to new investments in the near future.