SIDERSA’s structural galvanized, cincalum and prepainted products conform to Resolution 404 issued by the Secretariat of Industry, Trade and Mining

Coatings available for different uses:

  • Galvanized: Cold rolled steel sheet, with a zinc coating on both sides. Corrosion resistant product that protects steel. Mainly used for roofing and building silos, walls and enclosure panels.
  • Cincalum: Cold rolled steel sheet, with an aluminium-zinc alloy coating on both sides. It combines barrier and galvanic protection improving corrosion resistance. Used for construction work in rural, urban or marine environments.
  • Prepainted: Pre-coated steel product (cincalum or galvanized) painted in continuous painting lines. It provides high corrosion resistance and a wide range of esthetic possibilities. Ideal product for industrial and building applications. It combines the high resistance of steel with a large variety of colours.

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